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Dora Lewis


Tips, guidelines, reviews and much more.
5 tips to help music producers to make high quality works in their home studio. It doesn't matter how big or small is your studio, this list will be a staple for beginners who want to get seriosly on it.
The kick is the most important element of the electronic dance music (EDM). If you are looking for how have the maximum result from your kick, in this post I show you the most important steps to follow!
Great plugins sometimes can make the difference and for this reason I want to show you the best ones that can improve your audio quality both in the mixing and mastering sessions.
If your projects still too muddy, acid or there are issues in term of frequencies even if you have done everything possible, you can fix this problem in two ways: working alongside studio headphones or using a studio calibration software.
It doesn’t exist the best VST ever, each one have something that makes it special. If you produce electronic music the only thing I can say is this: try these VST at least once. They deserved. So, let’s start today with the TOP 10 “Must Have” VST for Electronic Music.
The theme concerning the music publishing is a bit complicated. Nowadays exist two big ways to release music: independent or dependent with record labels. So, if you have your first demo and you are going to release it with but you do not know how to start, I can suggest these simple steps.