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Dora Lewis


What does StardustOne do?

StardustOne is a music studio that provides music services: mastering, mixing and production.

Who is the target of these services?

Artists, DJs, bands or people need music.

What’s the difference beetwen Stereo Mastering and Stem Mastering?

Stereo Mastering is made on one stereo audio file, called “pre-master”. Instead, Stems Mastering is made on multiple files called stems. Generally Stems Mastering is used when the mixing of the track is not good enough.

How much time does the services takes to be done?

It depends from the service. Generally both mastering and mixing could be made in 24-48 hour for one project. Multiple works take more time (in this case I will inform you). For exclusive music, the service can take one week or more, it depends from the type of work.

Why is there a Royalty Free Music section if the studio can make exclusive works?

StardustOne can make exclusive works for your media project but at the same time there are pre-made songs that can suite your kind of projects.

What is the method of payment? And how can I pay?

It is PayPal, actually only this. If my demo is ok for you, I will send the all the details.

How does the preview works?

Before you can decide to have the finished work, I make for you a preview. If you like it, I provide a download link after the payment.

What does will happen if I do not like the preview?

I will go with another one if you wan tor you can decide to not join my service.